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MapView: Kiosks to Support Space Booking

Asure Software's MapView provides users with a visual aid to book, find and check-into space resources. In addition to accessing MapView on kiosks employees can access this on any device:

  • Find people and book work space in their vicinity

  • Scroll and zoom functions

  • Search and locate team members or team areas

  • Customised to meet your corporate look and feel

  • RFID reader options on kiosks for easy user log-in

  • Simple “Where am I” and workspace location function

In an office environment, we do not see wayfinding as a function analogous to commonly used GPS driven walking experiences outside. In practice, showing a user a destination position on a floor plan delivers enough information for them to find their way, and is just as effective as a ‘GPS style’ route-finding experience.

Where the location of a user is known, through their use of a kiosk, or that they are checked into a current booking. A route can be shown on the floorplan to assist with wayfinding.

- Contact Kathea for more information and pricing on our Workspace Management solutions!

Johan van Niekerk

011 844 9900 / 074 456 3280

Workspace Quoting Desk

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