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Important Notification: MeetMe Service Rebrand

We are writing to inform you that your video conferencing service branded MeetMe powered by Videxio will be changing name and brand colors in both the desktop and mobile application from 12 June 2019.

Why the change?

The service provider, Videxio, has merged with a company called Pexip and the service and its apps will be rebranded Pexip.

What are the changes - and what are the benefits to you?

The updated colors will provide a more modern look and feel and the harmonizing of the service and apps will create a simplified user experience. The functionality, however, will stay the same and you can still depend on us, your partner, for training and ongoing support.

The changes that you will see are:

Pexip colors, font, logo, and name will appear in MeetMe MyPages and in the MyMeetingVideo app on desktop, mobile and tablet. This is to make it easier for users to find and download the app in the App store. It will also make it easier for Pexip to provide in-app news and training to users. The app icon on your phone will change in phases to ensure a clearly communicated transition.

Do you need to do anything?

No, you don’t have to do anything at this stage. Just be aware that you will see  changes in the branding and naming of the service. And don’t panic - links to existing meetings that have already been sent out will keep working and be redirected.  


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